6th Annual Report on the Transfers of Controlled Goods - seesac

Industrial brushes repair shop MANOJLOVIĆ. NIŠ. 14. ... 134. ANMINI KOMERC DOO. BELGRADE. 135. DKS DOO. BELGRADE. 136. ... SUBOTICA, Palić. 140.

6th Annual Report on the Transfers of Controlled Goods - seesac - Сродни документи

6th Annual Report on the Transfers of Controlled Goods - seesac


Industrial brushes repair shop MANOJLOVIĆ. NIŠ. 14. ... 134. ANMINI KOMERC DOO. BELGRADE. 135. DKS DOO. BELGRADE. 136. ... SUBOTICA, Palić. 140.

annual report on the transfers of controlled goods in 2010 - seesac


BELGRADE. 17. DKS DOO. BELGRADE. 18. JUGOSCAN DOO. BELGRADE. 19. ... SUBOTICA. 32. ... training; work- shop equipment; pyrotechnics; craft paper tube; mine; cellulose cup; M2E mask; propellant charge; rocket; primer; PA filter.

International Transfers – for transfers outside the ... - TEB Kosovo Logo


For costs please check our Price List. Our Correspondent Banks. Swift Code. Bank Name. Currency. DEUTDEFF. DEUTSCHE BANK AG FRANKFURT AM ...

Annual Activity Report 2018-2019 Annual Activity Report - IFMSA


Batool Al-Wahdani - Jordan. Vice-President for Activities. Nebojša Nikolic - Serbia. Vice-President for Finance. Ahmed Taha - Egypt. Vice-President for Members.

Consultancy Report: Small Arms, Children and Education - seesac


30 Nov 2006 ... Dimov, Anya Hart Dyke, Ana Martinovic, Tamara Radovic, Suzana Markovic, Aleksandra Dobric, Dusko Djuricic. Cover photographs are.

NIKE, INC. 2017 Annual Report and Notice of Annual Meeting 1


NIKE, INC. 2017 Annual Report and Notice of Annual Meeting 1. Page 2. 2. Page 3. NIKE, INC. 2017 Annual Report and Notice of Annual Meeting 3. Page 4. 4 ...

take-two interactive software, inc. annual report 2011 - Annual Reports


Released NBA 2K11, which has sold-in over 5 million ... entertainment system and Kinect for the Xbox 360 (“Kinect”); Nintendo's Wii™ (“Wii”) and DS™ ... require us to make development payments, pay royalties based on product sales and ...

Annual Report 2011 - Part 1, H&M in words and pictures,Annual ...


catalogue shopping in eight countries: sweden, norway, Denmark, Finland, germany, the netherlands, austria and the uk. From autumn 2012, customers in the ...

International Annual Report 2018 08.05.19 Annual ... - Lekkerland


20 May 2019 ... Sutrans N.V., Temse, Belgium. 100.00. Conway – The Convenience Company België N.V.,. Temse, Belgium. 100.00. Conway Services – The ...

Report Annual Report and Financial Statements 2018/19 get_app


13 Jun 2019 ... Whatever 2019/20 has in store, I am convinced ... The key focus for 2019/20 is formalising ... Non Executive Director of Avast PLC ... lives (three to ten years) on a straight-line basis or over the life of the licence if different.

annual report 2016 - in-Report


5 Aug 2016 ... cash. GLORY earns an excellent reputation in the market by offering solutions optimized for each customer. GLORY SHARES IN. JAPAN. 70%.

Annual Report


2 May 2019 ... Price/mix 3%; positive across all regions. ... Tuborg volume growth 7%, Carlsberg 2%, Grimbergen 4% and 1664 Blanc 30%.

annual report 13/14 - CIT


14 May 2019 ... Dr Edward Sweeney. • Bachelor of Business in Supply Chain & Transport. Management. Cdr. Steve Walsh. • Certificate in Senior Command ...

Annual Report - INA, dd


In 2003, MOL Rt (MOL) acquired 25% plus one share of INA, d.d. By ... a share of 30.75% in the amount of HRK 8.2 million in Elektrometal d.d. based on the pre-.

annual report - ddd-UAB


23 Jun 2018 ... ... 1986 and 1988, she was a financial analyst for the Eli Lilly ... Z Laboratoire NUXE Portugal Unipessoal Lda, Manager. Z Laboratoire NUXE ...

Annual Report - HEP-a


of HEP d.d; long term strategy of HEP Group's HR development for the period 2017-2026; revitalization of HPP Zakučac; development of windfarm projects in the ...

annual report on the - Sézane


On January 21 2018, Sézane launched its DEMAIN philanthropic program to support concrete actions in favour of access to education and culture, and the fight ...

Annual and CSR Report 2015


Delfi. Wishing to contribute to the improvement of the general reading culture, Eurobank joined ... Banovo Brdo, Požarevac, Kraljevo, Dimitrovgrad,. Inđija ...

Annual Report - NAVER


24 May 2019 ... of users. The "Zepeto" 3D AR avatar app has gained such popularity that it ranked first in the app stores of major countries around the world.

annual report - FareStart


... per year, at a reduced cost.” – Paul Fordham, Deputy Director of Homeward Bound of Marin ... Paul & Debbie Davis. The Delta ... David Loren. Suhas Manangi.

Annual Report 2017 - МТС


31 Aug 2018 ... World Champions in CS:GO discipline according to the version of Major ... bots in customer service processes, provide explicit financial effect ... Dynamics of prices and volume of trading in MTS PJSC common shares. Trading ...

annual report - Ance Ngo


11. Ongoing projects in 2017 ... Migration Network in Europe and Turkey Project (2016-2017) ... Edipsos, supported by the Equality Committee of the PED.

Annual Report - CIRG


e[knwe] Qjg&281122] eFkqjk (m-ç-) Hkkjr. dsUæh; cdjh vuqla/kku laLFkku. Annual Report. 2013-14. CENTRAL INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH ON GOATS.

Annual Report 2018


1 Jan 2018 ... TEB Sh. A Kosova - 2018 Annual Report. 10. 1.4. Shareholder Structure. Bank's share capital is €24,000,000 based on 2,400,000 issued ...

Annual report - Sava, dd


1 Mar 2017 ... and the company Sava Nova d.o.o., Zagreb. In energy management ... mated cost of its dismantling, removal and resto- ration. Costs are ...

annual report - Xpediator


14 May 2018 ... The Group's largest division and trading as Delamode ... on behalf of our Affinity Division customers based in Romania and the West Balkans.

annual report - Sistema


2 Apr 2015 ... Medsi Group. 38. Lesinvest Group (Segezha). 44. Bashkirian Power Grid Company. 52. RTI. 56. SG-trans. 60. MTS Bank. 64. RZ Agro Holding.

annual report - Agrokor


Super Kartica d.o.o. Srbija..... 64,95% ... Croatia were the opening of the Super Konzum. Radnička ... new retail facilties, whereof one Roda, two. IDEA super and ...

Annual Report - fchpt - STU


of adding extracts of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis (L.)) on the quality of orange-mango beverages. In: Laboralim 2012 - Zborník vedeckých prác : venovaný ...

Annual Report - WaterAid


sanitation grant in Nigeria, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In 2018, we adopted a new business ... Adam Berry. Jennifer Berven. Joshua Bloch.

annual report - Eurobank


Banovo brdo in Belgrade, Požarevac, Kraljevo, Dimitrovgrad,. Inđija, Kragujevac, Bor, Vlasotince and many other towns and municipalities. Owing to your ...

Annual Report 2014


banks with at least RUB 1 billion net portfolio of retail loans granted for 1-3 ... Share in liabilities, % - r.s.. LLP, % of Credit ... www.unicreditbank.ru. Additional ...



luncheon in L.A. with. The Fox/NAMI PSA aired more than in in-kind value. ... NAMI Ambassador Corinne Foxx aimed at helping college-bound students and ...

annual report - KVCAP


Michael Mitchell. Michael Mosley. Flavia Oliveira. Richard St. Pierre. Pamela Thompson. Kelly Wheeler. *Outgoing Board Members. KVCAP. Board of Directors.

Annual Report - Bayer


21 Feb 2017 ... DAX 6.9%. 1. Performance of Bayer Stock in 2016. Indexed; 100 = Xetra closing price on December 31, 2015; source: Bloomberg. Jan. Feb.

annual report - BicWorld


in Sub Saharan Africa, BIC® Cristal® Fine was launched in ... Digital ads, online videos, a new micro-site and an @BICRazors ... by 747 tons CO2 equivalent .

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