Support to Innovative SMEs - European Union

16 Oct 2019 ... Ekofarm, Ušće. 2. Toza Marković, Kikinda. 3. Preseraj, Kragujevac. 4. ... 30. Tehno, Kragujevac. 49. BELIT, Beograd. 50. Comtrade, Kragujevac.

Support to Innovative SMEs - European Union - Сродни документи

Support to Innovative SMEs - European Union

16 Oct 2019 ... Ekofarm, Ušće. 2. Toza Marković, Kikinda. 3. Preseraj, Kragujevac. 4. ... 30. Tehno, Kragujevac. 49. BELIT, Beograd. 50. Comtrade, Kragujevac.

Malta Country Report 2019 - European Commission - European Union

27 Feb 2019 ... Country Report Malta 2019. Accompanying the document. COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE EUROPEAN. PARLIAMENT ...

annual report 2004 - European Central Bank - European Union

2004. 10 Developments in ERM II. 77. 11 Official monetary policy strategies of the non-euro area EU Member States. 78. 12 Payment traffic in TARGET. 90.

Betty Smith European project manager - Europass - European Union

Curriculum Vitae. PERSONAL INFORMATION. Betty Smith. 32 Reading rd,Birmingham B26 3QJ United Kingdom. 44 2012345679 44 7123456789.

Ten issues to watch in 2020 - European Parliament - European Union

This EPRS publication seeks to offer insights and put into context ten key issues and policy areas that are likely to feature prominently on the political agenda of ...

China's Arctic policy - European Parliament - European Union

China's first-ever white paper on Arctic policy of 26 January 2018 seeks to justify the country's Arctic ambitions through its history of Arctic research and the ...

Curcuma longa - European Medicines Agency - European Union

21 Nov 2017 ... The dry turmeric rhizomes contain 3-5% curcumin, the curcumin content of turmeric oleoresin is 40% [15]. Essential oil: 5.8% of total mass, ...

Serbia Report 2019 - European Commission - European Union

29 May 2019 ... was made in the area of service delivery and with the adoption of several new ... including contributions from the government of Serbia, the EU ... of legislation on animal welfare, in particular at slaughter, needs to improve.

Introduction to ALIMS - European Medicines Agency - European Union

Agencija za lekove i medicinska sredstva Srbije. Agencija za lekove i ... Public Relations Manager. Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia (ALIMS) ...

reverse osmosis and - European Medicines Agency - European Union

1 Aug 2017 ... injections by non-distillation methods – reverse osmosis ... (pure steam or hot/superheated water) and/or routine chemical sanitisation and in ...

Space tech and services - European Commission - European Union

underlined by Frano Cetinic from Globesar, represents an undeniable amount of additional work and constrains the players to keep a very close eye on the ...

Screening report Serbia - European Commission - European Union

18 Jan 2016 ... Serbia: chapter 19 – Social policy and employment. 3. II.a. Labour law. Serbia stated that its legislation - in particular the 2005 Labour Law (last ...

Trafficking in human organs - European Parliament - European Union

9 Jul 2015 ... The selling and buying of human organs (and body parts) is banned practically around the world and this prohibition is part of every transplant ...

European risk assessment report - ECHA - European Union

This report is an addendum to the European Risk Assessment Report (RAR) on ... of processes mentioned above are also used in the recycling of polymers (BG ...

Panretin, Alitretinoin - European Medicines Agency - European Union

Kaposijev sarkom (vrsta raka kože). Panretin se ... tvari dobivenih iz vitamina A. Nije poznat točan način na koji alitretinoin djeluje na Kaposijev sarkom. Koje su ...

RegioStars Awards 2017 - European Commission - European Union

Croatian organic producers and the county's development of organic agriculture. Jelena Petrov, Senior Advisor, the Public. Institution for the Development and.

Permethrin - European Medicines Agency - European Union

29 May 2019 ... EMA/381723/2019. Human Medicines Evaluation Division. List of nationally authorised medicinal products. Active substance: permethrin.

Inception report - European Commission - European Union

11 Feb 2013 ... Manganese accumulation in roadside soil and plants. Naturwissenschaften 81:509-510. ... Jovanovic J. Palic D. (2012). Immunotoxicology of ...

Amoxil - European Medicines Agency - European Union

20 kol 2015 ... Amoxil je antibiotik koji se koristi za liječenje širokog spektra bakterijskih infekcija. Sadrži djelatnu tvar amoksicilin koja se ubraja u obitelj „beta ...

Metformin Art. 31 - European Medicines Agency - European Union

12 Дек 2016 ... лактатна ацидоза — натрупване на естествено образувана млечна киселина в кръвта по-бързо отколкото организмът е в състояние да ...

learn more... - European Training Foundation - European Union

use the expertise of the ETF in producing reports on those ... The EU, through the ETF, has become a recognised and ... EU awarded Nobel Peace Prize, 2012.

Final Report - European Commission - European Union

2 Aug 2019 ... The consortium discussed about the results of previous demos, namely SAVA, Piemodex, UK and summarized the key aspects to be improved.

CoolHeating deliverables - European Commission - European Union

21 Dec 2018 ... University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering (ETF) ... 11120 Beograd, Serbia ... Nikola Rajakovic, Slavisa Kostadinovic, Vicko.

2019 Сряда - European Parliament - European Union

28 Feb 2018 ... Nie dajcie kupić wolności swojej i swoich krajów, poddając się szantażowi ... Ruža Tomašić, u ime Kluba zastupnika ECR-a. – Gospodine ...

Apple/Shazam - European Commission - European Union

6 Sep 2018 ... Shazam as provider of software solutions to power music recognition ... that the relevant geographic market for client PC OSs was worldwide.

the new €50 banknote - European Central Bank - European Union

5 Jul 2016 ... The new €50 banknote will start circulating across the euro area on 4 April 2017. Like the €20 banknote of the Europa series, it will incorporate ...

amoxicillin - European Medicines Agency - European Union

26 Oct 2017 ... Ospamox 1000 mg –. Filmtabletten. 922.419. 17.653. SANDOZ GMBH. AT. Ospamox 125 mg/5 ml -. Pulver für orale. Suspension. AT/H/0116/ ...

integration in action - European Commission - European Union

the team conducted two focus group meetings with female asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international ... Здравословен начин на живот: ... tronic banking services online or with your bank card you may use Automated. Teller Machines ... Българска православна църква, Света Рилска Обител (website). За мана-.

E-commerce statistics for - European Commission - European Union

30 Jan 2020 ... Table 1: Internet use and online purchases, 2019 (% of individuals) - Source: Eurostat ... Over eight in ten internet users in the United Kingdom ... goods or services over the internet for private use in the last 12 months from ...

fact sheet - European Commission - European Union

Examples of how to mainstream climate action and the potential for doing so. CF. Cohesion Fund. 2014-2020. Climate Action. ©Sutterstock/ kentoh ...

technical report - European Commission - European Union

These analyses measure the alpha, beta or gamma emitting radioelements, either in a ... A measurement of the discharge line is performed with a 2"x2" NaI(Tl) ... 0.5 m², containing a water film to also collect dry deposition. ... If a measurement of gross alfa/beta is requested, 1 L of the mixed sample is sent to the lab for.

Evaluation Report - European Commission - European Union

Dr Dietmar Aigner. Mr Steve O' ... In reality it “had no institutional power to drive change”1 as it was a “donor inspired unit with minimal ... Marija Dzabirova - Velkov, IPA Monitoring Officer/ EU ... Sladjana Vukmirica, Sector for EU integration and.

Enrofloxacin oral - European Commission - European Union

Enrocin 10% oldat. Enrofloxacin. 100 mg/ml Concentrate for oral solution. Oral. Chickens and turkeys. Hungary. DIVASA - FARMAVIC, S.A.. Ctra Sant Hipolit Km ...

European commercial diplomacy - EESC - European Union

18 Sep 2013 ... Commercial diplomacy has become a leitmotiv in most EU member ... or the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, have emerged.

Residue Data - European Commission - European Union

Submitted for the purpose of renewal. RMS remark : this study was previously assessed in. France for the re- registration of the PPP. ALIETTE. FLASH. (FEA WG.

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