Switch 62.5 WG

Take off contaminated clothing. • Rinse skin immediately with plenty of water for. 15-20 minutes. • Call a poison control center or doctor for treat- ment advice.

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Přípravek na ochranu rostlin. Pro neprofesionální uživatele. SWITCH. Před použitím si přečtěte přiložený návod k použití. Biologická funkce přípravku: fungicid.

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El ciprodinil es un fungicida anilinopirimidino sistémico de amplio espectro. Page 5. INSTRUCCIONES DE USO. SWITCH ® 62.5 WG es un fungicida combinado a ...

Switch 62.5 WG


Take off contaminated clothing. • Rinse skin immediately with plenty of water for. 15-20 minutes. • Call a poison control center or doctor for treat- ment advice.



pasternaka, buraka ćwikłowego, chrzanu, brukwi, rzepy, tytoniu, szkółek drzew owocowych i. Etykieta środka ochrony roślin Switch 62,5 WG, załącznik nr 1 do ...

PMA/PMF Pressure Switch


Model PMF. Specify. Set Point. Required. R - PSI Rising. F - PSI Falling. BR - Bar Rising. BF - Bar Falling. *Omit For. Model PMA. 2M - 1/8 NPT. 4M - 1/4 NPT.

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24 feb. 2017 ... SWITCH 62,5 WG. Fişa cu date de securitate în conformitate cu Regulamentul CE 1907/2006. SECŢIUNEA 1. IDENTIFICAREA SUBSTANŢEI/ ...

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KARTA CHARAKTERYSTYKI. SWITCH 62,5 WG. Data opracowania karty oryginalnej: 29.04.2014. Data aktualizacji i sporządzenia wersji polskiej: 27.03.2015.

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Zalecana dawka dla jednorazowego stosowania: 8-10 g na 100 m2. Etykieta Switch 62,5 WG, załącznik nr 2 do decyzji MRiRW. Page 3 ...

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Pokyny pre obsluhu a bezpečnostné pokyny. 32. BG. Инструкции за употреба и безопасност. 38 ... Garantie. Kaufland gewährt Ihnen ab dem Kaufda-.

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farmers and support a shift to higher value crops and to agro-tourism. ... treatment. By Philip Sharp, Haim Cikurel, Avi Aharoni, Avital Dror-Ehre, and Avner Adin.

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faster, without missing out on bookings. Zero downtime. Properties remain active until the switch to your connection is complete. Reduce property churn.

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Fungicid. Omologat în România cu Certificatul de Omologare nr. ... Proprietăți fizico-chimice: Switch 62,5 WG se prezintă sub formă de granule.

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22 May 1990 ... El ciprodinil es un fungicida anilinopirimidino sistémico de amplio espectro. Page 4. INSTRUCCIONES DE USO Y MANEJO. Para utilizar Switch ...

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18. jan. 2020 ... Strana 1 z 5. Prípravok na ochranu rastlín pre profesionálnych používateľov. SWITCH. ®. 62,5 WG. Fungicíd s kontaktným a systémovým ...

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SWITCH ® 62,5 WG es un fungicida con propiedades de contacto y sistémicas para el control de Botrytis (Botrytis cinerea) en los cultivos de arándano, tomate, ...



SWITCH 62,5 WG. Proveedor / fabricante / comercializador : Syngenta S.A.. Uso del producto. : Fungicida. Dirección. : Av. Vitacura 2939, Of.201, Las Condes, ...

ADDER LinkXSERIES - KVM Switch Direct


experienced radio / TV technician for help. FCC Compliance Statement (United States). This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy ...

Switch ON Standmixer Bedienungsanleitung - Kaufland


Pokyny pre obsluhu a bezpečnostné pokyny. 36. BG. Инструкции за употреба и безопасност. 42 ... Garantie. Kaufland gewährt Ihnen ab dem Kaufda-.

GST No: 27AAJCM1420E1ZV Service Tax No ... - Switch Idea


105 Acefinity Infotech Private Limited. 106 Acengage ... 251 Animon Live. 252 Anlage Infotech India Pvt. Ltd. ... 1062 Disside Design Studio. 1063 Districon ...

MODUL switch instruction manual - TEM Čatež dd


Rated current and type: indicated on the product. Rated voltage: 250 V~. Manufacturer information. TEM Čatež d.d.. Čatež 13. 8212 Velika Loka, Slovenia. Tel.

ME0B0BKP1630 Datasheet Overview - Router-Switch


22 slots, including 2 MPUs (1:1 backup), 4 SFUs (3 1 backup), and 16 LPUs. Maximum Power Consumption. 7,970W (240G). Weight. 246 kg (120G).

fibaro single/double switch 2 - Z-Wave.Me


FIBARO Switch 2 is designed to operate in electrical home in- stallation. ... Controlling the Switch 2 using FIBARO Home Center controller: After adding the ...

NCH Software Switch Sound File Converter


Convert To: q aac q ac3 q adts q aif q aifc q aiff q amr q ape q au q caf q cda q dct q flac q gsm q m3u q m4a q m4b q m4r q mov q mp1 q mp2 q mp3 q mpc q ogg.

Electronic pressure switch with display Model PSD-30 ... - Wika


The control keys have been designed as large as possible and are arranged ergonomically to ensure fast and easy adjustments. Operation without any additional ...

Self-identity reprogrammed by a single residue switch in a ... - PNAS


4 Apr 2017 ... through a polymorphic cell surface receptor, TraA. Recognition of compatible receptors leads to outer membrane exchange among clonemates ...

200mA Switch with Ripple Blocker(TM ... - Microchip Technology


VIN = VIN(NOM) 40mVpp. LOAD = 100mA. 10. 100 ... 1.90. 1.95. 2.00. 0. 20. 40. 60. 80 100 120 140 160 180 200. OUTPUT CURRENT (mA). O. U. TP. U. T V.

Biometric Verification of Maternity and Identity Switch Prevention in ...


Igor Franc. 5. , Jelena Lalović. 6. , Ivan Tot. 7. 1,3,4 Faculty of Informatics and Computing, Singidunum University, 32 Danijelova. Street, 11000 Beograd, Serbia; ...

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19 авг 2008 ... VERSO. Tension nominale. Nominal voltage. Tensión nominal. Nennspannung. Nominale spanning. Номинальное напряжение. Bornier de l' ...

Cisco ME 3400E Switch Software Configuration Guide, Release ...


802.1x Supplicant and Authenticator Switches with Network Edge Access Topology (NEAT) 9- ... Unsupported Commands in Cisco IOS Release 12.2(58)SE B-1.

Twitch Switch #1061 USER'S GUIDE - Enabling Devices


Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST). 1-800-832-8697 [email protected]. Twitch Switch #1061. USER'S GUIDE. 50 Broadway.

Switch-off, rinvio all'autunno 2021 Incentivi diversi per TV e ... - DDay.it


23 apr 2019 ... sori Beolab. Il meccanismo d'apertura degli altoparlanti, inoltre, è realizzato con fasce alternate di rovere e alluminio che, a detta dell'azienda, ...

NLAS4684 Ultra-Low Resistance Dual SPDT Analog Switch - ON ...


Ultra−Low RON of 0.5 Ω, for the Normally Closed (NC) switch, and. 0.8 Ω for ... ff (ns). T-off 5.0 V. T-on 5.0 V. T-off 3.0 V. T-on 3.0 V. T-off 2.5 V. T-on 2.5 V. 0.001.

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